One Direction Teases Fans with 16 Second Clip of New Single “Story of My Life” – Listen Now!


onedirection-storyofmylife-101013Directions, get ready for an awesome 16 seconds to brighten your day!

One Direction took to social media late last night (or early this morning depending on your time zone) to share that they would be releasing something good this afternoon. That something good has arrived and it is a 16 second preview of their new single “Story of My Life”!

The song is a mid-tempo song (not quite a ballad but not quite as high energy as “Best Song Ever”), and we get to hear the band sing: “The story of my life, I give her hope, I spend her love until she’s broken inside.. The story of my life.”

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We definitely can’t wait to hear the full song. It will hit iTunes on October 28 but you’ll be able to hear the full song on Friday.

In addition, One Direction will release “One Direction: This Is Us” on Blu-ray and DVD December 19.