Justin Bieber Opens Up About Hiding Emotions While Performing in New ‘Believe’ Movie Clip


justinbieber-smile-101813Justin Bieber has dealt with a lot in the past year and he’s done a great job of staying positive and keeping a smile on his face.

In the second #FilmFridays clip from his upcoming Believe movie, the 19-year-old shares how he deals with the pressures. “You gotta keep a smile on your face throughout all the negativity,” he said. “You gotta hide your emotions sometimes especially going on stage.”

Check out the full clip below. Justin will also be releasing the next song from his music journals, “Hold Tight,” Sunday at midnight. He recently shared some lyrics which are, “That hold on tight, them lips won’t let me go.”

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Mark your calendars, because Believe will hit theaters on Christmas Day.