Watch All the Emotional Performances from “Glee’s” Tribute Episode to Cory Monteith


leamichele-glee-101113Last night was an emotional night for the cast of “Glee” and gleeks all around the globe.

The highly anticipated episode dedicated to Cory Monteith and dealing with the death of Finn Hudson aired and we have a feeling there were very few dry eyes watch the episode. The episode was beautifully done and handled the various stages of grief wonderfully. We saw Santana and Puck lashing out while Mr. Schu held everything inside to be strong for everyone else.

The show opened with a performance of “Seasons of Love,” which was one of the very first songs performed on the show and it just kept going from there.

After the show, Fox released various PSAs featuring the cast addressing the subject of addiction. Some cast members also took to twitter to share their thoughts on the episode.

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