Bradley Steven Perry & Jake Short Patch Up Superheroes in New Show “Mighty Med” – On Set Interviews


mightymedSuperheroes save the world, but who patches them up when they get hurt? Not all superheroes can heal themselves and that’s where the doctors of “Mighty Med” come in.

Bradley Steven Perry & Jake Short star in Disney XD’s new show “Mighty Med” which follows two teenagers who become doctors at a hospital for superheroes. We had the chance to visit the set to chat with Bradley, Jake, Devan Leos & Paris Berelc all about the new show and what heroes they’d love to take care of.

“Mighty Med” premieres Monday night at 8:30pm on Disney XD. In the premiere episode, “Saving the People Who Save People,” Kaz and Oliver discover a doorway leading to top-secret hospital Mighty Med where they realize that all their favorite superhero, sci-fi and fantasy characters are real. There, they meet Skylar Storm, a superhero who recently lost her powers, Horace Diaz, the hospital’s Chief of Staff, and his meddling nephew with telekinesis powers, Alan Diaz. When Kaz’s all-time favorite superhero Tecton is rushed into the hospital, the boys must find a way to save Tecton before his nemesis Megahertz finds him first.

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