Ross Lynch & Laura Marano: Watch Austin & Ally’s Performances from the Season 2 Finale


rosslynch-betterthanthis-093013Last night was the season 2 finale of “Austin & Ally” and while it left us with a bit of a cliffhanger, it did give us two great performances by Ross Lynch and Laura Marano.

In “Fresh Starts & Farewells,” Austin is getting ready to set out on his first tour and lands Ally the job of being his opening act for his first show in Miami. Austin, Ally, Trish & Dez are looking forward to spending the next three months together as Austin tours, but when Trish finally gets Ronny Ramone to come to the show, will Ally’s new record deal mess things up?

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If you watched the episode, then you know what happened. If you didn’t, then we don’t want to spoil it for you, but what do you think was in the letter?

The episode featured Laura as Ally singing “The Me That You Don’t See” and Ross as Austin dancing in the rain to a performance of “Better Than This.” Watch both awesome performances below.

Mark your calendars, because season 3 of “Austin & Ally” will premiere on October 27 on Disney Channel.