Kelli Berglund is the “New Girl” on An All-New “Kickin’ It”


kickinit-newgirl-092213Get ready for a double does of Kelli Berglund with all-new episodes of “Kickin’ It” and “Lab Rats” on Monday night.

First up, Kelli guest stars on a brand new episode of “Kickin’ It” titled “The New Girl.” In the episode, Jack and Kim help Rudy recruit Sloane (Kelli), a prized female student to join the dojo. But when Kim encourages Sloane to pursue her passion for singing instead, Rudy and Jack blame her for sabotaging their big catch. Meanwhile, Milton and Joan host an intervention for Jerry’s pathological lying.

Then catch an all-new episode of “Lab Rats.” In “Adam Up,” in an effort to get out of training duties, Adam enlists Leo’s help to create a duplicate Adam using Davenport’s experimental cloning device. However, Adam’s clone uses the same device to create another duplicate to avoid going to school and the clones he creates repeat the same process resulting in a mob of ever duplicating Adams.

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It all starts at 8:30pm on Disney XD on Monday, September 23.

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