Lucy Hale Talks Music, Health and More in ‘Self’ Magazine


lucyhale-selfmagazine-091913Lucy Hale has snagged the cover for the latest issue of SELF magazine. In addition to “Pretty Little Liars,” the starlet has been busy promoting her upcoming country album.

Lucy chatted with the mag about dealing with paparazzi, releasing her music and much more.

On releasing music: I’m scared as hell. Some days I go to sleep and I’m like, What am I doing? People aren’t going to take me seriously. Music is my favorite thing, and I’m going to fight to make it happen.

On paparazzi: I was on the beach in Hawaii and there were paparazzi in the bushes. I don’t think anybody wants to be photographed in their bikini unless you’re like a Victoria’s Secret model. There’s always a little voice in my head that says, Suck it in a little more—but you know, I’m so comfortable with who I am, I’m just like, screw it! Take pictures!

On what she can’t avoid: Parking tickets. I have three right now. I always get them. Maybe the [cops] are just drawn to the fact that I’m in a red zone and shouldn’t be parking there. That could be it.

On what she’d change about herself: I always wish I was a little bit taller. Maybe 2 inches to make it to 5 foot 4. I’ll take whatever I can get.

For more, be sure to pick up Lucy’s issue! Also, in case you missed it, check out the latest promo for the Halloween episode of “Pretty Little Liars”!