Question Tuesday on the Set of ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ with John Green & Nat Wolff


johngreen-natwolff-091813In John Green’s vlog from the set of The Fault In Our Stars last week, he shared that he was starting Question Tuesdays from the set of the film.

In this week’s episode, John hangs out with Nat Wolff who plays Isaac in the film and asks him some questions from twitter fans.

Watch the vlog below to find out what scene from the book he’s most excited to see in the film, how true the movie is to the book, how it is playing a blind character, and much more. If you notice, in the book, Isaac has blonde hair but Nat is staying brunette for the role. Both he and John discuss why little things like that aren’t important in the film as some fans have been complaining. For more on why those little things don’t matter to John, read his Tumblr here.

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