Jonas Brothers Attend The Cut and New York Magazine’s Fashion Week Party & Tease Next Single


jonasbrothers-thecut-091313The Jonas Brothers get goofy while posing for pics at The Cut and New York Magazine’s Fashion Week Party in New York on Thursday.

Kevin, Nick & Joe were joined by Danielle Jonas & Olivia Culpo at the party held at The Gramercy Park Hotel. It looks like it was a great way for the guys to finish off their week at New York Fashion week!

After the party, Nick jetted off to Los Angeles where he did a photoshoot for Men’s Health today. It looks like that infamous selfie has gotten him a lot of attention and we definitely can’t wait to see this photoshoot. Fingers crossed it includes some shirtless shots.

The JoBros will be releasing their new album, V, later this year and we love all the new songs we’ve heard from it so far. In a new interview with Idolator, the trio opened up about what might be their next single and their love of music.

“We all like different kinds of music,” Joe explained to Idolator of the various directions they took with their solo careers. “I think it was more about the places where we were in our lives, and what we were listening to, or what we were influenced by with the artists we were really into at the time. For me, that was the style of music I was really into at the moment — same with Nick, he was also super influenced by that stuff. With this record, we pulled pieces from all our inspirations. But at the same time, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to make it sound different than anything we’d done before.”

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So what song will follow “Pom Poms” and “First Time” as a single? It looks like it might be “What Do I Meant To You?” The trio played the song live on their recent tour and it’s definitely a more rock and maybe even angry song. (Listen Below) “I was inspired by being in London,” Nick said. “It’s really dark. That’s what I love about this song. We used to be more creative than we needed to be with our lyrics to disguise the things we were really talking about and the people we were talking about. Now, it’s more fun to just lay it out. The person’s name who it’s about is in the second verse of the song.”

“My favorite line in the song,” he continued, “is ‘Keys to an open door, don’t need a lock / Stains on a dirty floor, you don’t see a spot.’ Basically it’s just saying that this person treats you so poorly that you just have to lay it out. As a creative person, you always fear that they’re going to hear it and feel a certain way about it, but you have to be true to yourself — otherwise you’re going to regret not being that transparent.”

What song do you want to be JB’s next single? Which ones do you hope they play on their upcoming Fall tour?

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