Crash Goes on the Run in Special One-Hour “Crash & Bernstein” Episode Tonight Plus Help Pick Crash’s Nose


crashbernstein-090913Get ready for double the Crash in an all-new one-hour “Crash & Bernstein” event tonight!

In the one-hour episode “Crash on the Run,” Wyatt saves Crash from a Build-a-Bestie doll recall but the boys soon find themselves on the run when a Bestie recall agent, Mr. Green, is dispatched to capture and destroy Crash. Emmy and Tony Award winning actress Andrea Martin (“Pippin”) and John Farley (“The Waterboy”) guest star as Mother Green and Mr. Green, respectively.

The episode premieres Monday, September 9 (8:30 p.m., ET/PT) on Disney XD and that’s not all the good news.

On Monday, September 9, fan voting kicks off for “Pick Crash’s Nose” at, where viewers can vote for their favorite nose through Sunday, September 15. The winning nose will be revealed on Monday, October 7 during the season two premiere episode, “The Nosejob Job,” where Wyatt, Crash and Pesto try to find a place to hang out when the girls take over the house. They discover a cool vacant lot, but must challenge a group of geeky high school boys to claim the hangout for themselves.