Casting Rumors: “Teen Wolf” Star for Batman, Zac Efron & Ryan Gosling in Star Wars?


tylerhoechlin-batman-072513Casting rumors have been swirling this week regarding three big upcoming movies.

First up, it was announced at Comic-Con that Batman would be appearing in the next Superman film. As soon as it was announced, everyone started wondering, who is going to take over the role of Batman from Christian Bale. According to Comic Book News, “Teen Wolf” star Tyler Hoechlin is rumored to be going in for screentests with Henry Cavill. He isn’t the only star being considered, but he is the only name we’ve heard dropped so far. Tyler could definitely handle the action and the dark side of Batman/Bruce Wayne. Have you seen Derek Hale?

Next up, Star Wars was missing from Comic-Con this year but is said to be making an appearance at D23 next month, where hopefully we’ll get some casting news on the upcoming movies. In the meantime, Latino Review is reporting that Hollywood heartthrobs Ryan Gosling & Zac Efron are in talks for roles. Gosling supposedly went in to read for the role of Luke Skywalker’s son but there’s no word on what role Efron would play.

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Finally, Kellan Lutz is in talks to join The Expendables 3. According to insiders & The Wrap, the third film in the franchise will introduce a younger group of tech-savvy action heroes who initially clash with the older crew, though they eventually team up to save the day. We can definitely see Kellan fitting in with all those beloved action stars.

So what do you think of these casting rumors? Who would you choose to play all these roles?