The Fosters Family Gets a Major Shake Up in Next Week’s Episode “Vigil”


thefosters-vigil-072313There are only two episodes left in season 1A of “The Fosters,” and they are the most intense and emotional episodes yet.

At the end of the last episode, we saw Mike and Stef go into Ana’s house and gunshots were fired. We didn’t see who was shot but we will in next week’s episode, and it will change the Fosters forever.

In “Vigil,” while Lena tries to process the extent of Mariana and Jesus’ lies, Stef and Mike head to Ana’s to try and find Jesus. What they encounter lands someone in the hospital and changes the Foster family forever. While the family waits anxiously for news, tensions rise over the secrets the kids kept from Stef and Lena and even Brandon realizes he’s to blame for covering for the twins.

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Callie has a heart-to-heart with Brandon to help him understand the perspective of a foster child and Brandon learns how Callie’s mother died. Wyatt calls Callie on her growing bond with Brandon but Callie is all too familiar with the damage that could result from this kind of relationship.

We’ve had a chance to see the episode and we highly recommend having tissues with you when you watch. Tune into this episode on Monday, July 29th at 9:00pm ET/PT on ABC Family.