Exclusive: Kent Boyd Talks “Teen Beach Movie,” Dancing and More


kentboyd-interview-072413“Teen Beach Movie” was a monster hit for Disney Channel, bringing in 8.4 million viewers on its premiere night.

The TV musical stars Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell as surfers who get transported into the musical “Wet Side Story.” Once there, they meet quite the cast of characters including Rascal played by Kent Boyd. You may recognize Kent best from “So You Think You Can Dance” and we hope we get to see him more on the small or even the big screen!

We had the chance to chat with Kent about taking on this acting role in “Teen Beach Movie,” filming in Puerto Rico and what’s next for him.

What was the best part of filming in Puerto Rico? The best part about filming in Puerto Rico was Definitely the whether! We were right on some gorgeous beaches and when we had downtime got to swim and travel around the tropical island! Also the food was Exotic and delicious!

Did you all do anything fun or unique to bond as a cast upon first meeting? We all got to met in dance rehearsal so right away we got to see everyone playful side. Chris Scott the choreographer is a very funny guy!! We were playing games and cracking jokes in no time! There where even some dance battles!! And we would all get together and play this amazing game called “Mafia” around campfires! It was Hysterical

How would you describe Rascal? Rascal is a fun-loving crazy surfer dude. He’s full of energy and reminds me of your younger brother. He’s always saying the wrong thing or getting into trouble…kind of reminds me of a Chihuahua or Pepe the pew!

The dance scenes are amazing. Which one was your favorite to film? Hardest? My favorite dance scene to film was definitely “Surf Crazy.” It’s right when Brady and Mack enter into the 60s movie. So this is the first time you get to see the 60s characters. And the first huge musical number in the movie. This number is epic with so many props and amazing shots! This was also the hardest to shoot. Being outside on the beach and dancing in the sand was really hot and tiring.

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If you were transported into your favorite musical, what number would you want to be a part of? I would be transported into Hairspray and be in the number where they sing, “Ladies Choice.”

The ending leaves it open for a sequel. What would you want to see happen? For the sequel I hope all the cast returns into the second movie. Maybe even go to present day. It would be funny to see the 60 characters in modern-day and how they would fit in or react to society.

What do you hope viewers get out of the film/what message? I love that this film is bringing musicals back into every household across the world! I love that the message is catered to younger girls and to dream big and never have limitations also that you really can do whatever makes you happy! Regardless if your a biker or surfer!

You all just performed on GMA and The View. How much fun was that? It was so much fun performing live and we even got to a little fashion show!

What are your summer plans? My summer plans are hanging with friends enjoying the beach and being in water!

Any more acting projects in the works? Yes check out my new short film that I created and produced called “it remains” www.itremains.com

If you want even more “Teen Beach Movie,” tune into the Dance-Along version hosted by the cast this Saturday and pick up the DVD when it hits stores on July 30.