Cory Monteith: First Look at His Films “McCannick” and “All the Wrong Reasons”


corymonteith-allwrongreasons-071713We are still broken up by the passing of Cory Monteith and while he is gone too soon, he did leave behind two film projects.

The 31-year-old passed away over the weekend from a drug overdose and now the filmmakers behind his movies McCannick and All the Wrong Reasons have released new photos and clips of the actor in these roles.

In his final role, McCannick, Monteith played a drug addict and the role was edgy and “cathartic” for him according to director Josh C. Waller.

“You could sense it,” he told to the Los Angeles Times. “In my mind, I was envisioning a teeny little drug guy, but Cory Monteith is this tall, strapping man,” the filmmaker recalled. “But when I met with him, he wanted to do it so badly…He was very vocal about his past, and said he wanted to tap into things from his youth that he hadn’t been able to use as an actor yet.”

Check out a clip of the film below and read more here.

A year ago, Moneteith also filmed the indie All the Wrong Reasons with Kevin Zegers. In the flick he plays the manager of a big box department store who is helping his wife (Karine Vanasse) move on after witnessing a traumatic family ordeal.

“He felt extremely lucky…because he was happy to play somebody his age [he was 30 at the time] and this was a bit of a deviation from his typical role,” the film’s producer Tony Whalen told E! News. “It’s a serious topic and it’s a bit darker of a character.”

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“Cory totally delivered,” Whalen continued. “There is this one particular scene that was a bit of a heated discussion with his wife and it was just unbelievable how powerful it was. He really embraced that role and he completely knocked everybody’s socks off with his portrayal.”

Whalen went on to talk about how everyone from the film to the fans loved Cory. “He really bonded with everybody and he was always grinning and smiling and he made for a very fun set.,” Whalen said, adding, “He was an inspiration to a lot of our actors and a couple in particular that once they worked with him, they were inspired to keep going with acting because of what Cory talked to them about. Everybody that he met, he inspired.”

“There would be 30 to 40 people waiting at the end of the street where we were filming and he would always, at the end of the shoot, take the time to go and meet with them and talk to them,” Whalen said. “He never never begrudged that.”

Even though Cory might not be with us, he will live on forever in his projects and we can’t wait to see these two films.