Debby Ryan Re-Launching Official Website & Fanclub on July 23


debbyryan-selfie-071213Debby Ryan has been hard at work on her upcoming album and do you want to know how to get a sneak peek at the tunes?

The 20-year-old just announced that she’s relaunching her official website,, which will be the hub for all of you Deboraliens out there including where you’ll hear her new music first.

Debby wrote, “July 23rd, you aliens. It’s going down on TUESDAY, JULY TWENTY THIRD. The launch into our galaxy. will be an intergalactic mecca to connect with me, with other aliens, with secret information and exclusive content. I’ll be hosting video chats, Q&As, giveaways [presents for you!], announcements, exclusive photos, and my favourite part: members of The Galaxy will be the first to hear my new music. I’m wicked stoked to share this with you. JULY23rd. Tell everyone you know. More surprises to come.”

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To kick off the launch on July 23, Debby will be hosting her first live chat on the new site. Stay tuned for more details!

Are you excited to hear Debby’s new music?