The Love Triangle Reaches Boiling Point on “Twisted” in “The Fest and the Furious”


twisted-dance-070813Avan Jogia and Maddie Hasson share a sweet dance in this new still from “Twisted.”

The residents of Green Grove celebrate the town’s annual Fall Festival and Lacey discovers a secret about Regina that could shed new light on the murder investigation in the episode titled “The Fest and the Furious.”

As Green Grove prepares for the annual Fall Festival, the town residents are at odds over whether Danny should be allowed at the Festival. When Danny shows up, tensions escalate into a riot, which Kyle has to quell. Green Grove’s Mayor Rollins (played by Christopher Cousins) chastises Kyle about the lagging case and Jo’s increasing involvement with Danny. Father and daughter find it increasingly difficult to see eye to eye when Jo questions the significance of the necklace in the murder investigation. Lacey also wonders about the necklace and approaches Regina’s mother, Gloria, for information. Meanwhile, Jo and Rico’s friendship is strained as Jo spends more and more time with Danny.

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From the preview, we see that Jo definitely has feelings for Danny and Lacey ends up kissing him at the dance. How will it all play out? With Rico involved and his crus on Jo, will the love square ruin friendships? What exactly is the significance of the necklace?

Tune in to this new episode of ABC Family’s breakout drama “Twisted” on Tuesday, July 9th, at 9:00pm ET/PT after “Pretty Little Liars.”

Are you rooting for Danny & Jo or Danny & Lacey or neither?

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