Go Monster Truck Crazy with Disney XD’s “Truckasaurus Monday Mayhem”!


truckasaurus-070613Your favorite shows like “Kickin’ It” and “Lab Rats” are revving up for a “monster” of a night on Disney XD this Monday!

Disney XD’s “Truckasaurus Monday Mayhem” will feature Monster truck themed episodes of “Kickin’ It,” “Crash & Bernstein” and “Lab Rats” and we have your sneak peek!

First up, check out this exclusive pic of Olivia Holt kicking butt on “Kickin’ It.”


On a brand new episode of “Kickin’ It” titled “Win, Lose or Ty” at 8:30pm, when Rudy rents a “Wasab-a-saurus” monster truck as a new marketing ploy, it accidentally careens out of control and crashes into the Black Dragon dojo. The Black Dragons are forced to move in with the Wasabi Warriors and tension rises even higher when Rudy and his archrival Sensei Ty become best friends.

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Next up is an all new episode of “Crash & Bernstein.”


In “Monster Crash,” Crash buys a trucker hat at a monster truck rally which he believes brings him good luck. When the hat goes missing Crash and Wyatt begin an investigation to solve the mystery.

Finally, check out an exclusive clip from a brand new episode of “Lab Rats.”

“Trucked Out” airs at 9:30pm and in the episode, when Adam gets his driver’s license, Davenport sets out to buy him a new, safe starter vehicle. But when he’s left on his own, Adam closes a deal for a monster truck instead. Tasha runs against Principal Perry for PTA president.

Be sure to tune in to “Truckasaurus Monday Mayhem” starting at 8:30pm on Monday, July 8 on Disney XD!