“The Fosters” 1×06 Sneak Peek: The Drama Heats Up When Liam Arrives in Town in “Saturday”


liam-fosters-070213Drama, drama, drama! Just when things start to go ok for Callie on “The Fosters,” trouble arrives.

Ever since Talya uttered the name Liam after reading Callie’s diary, everyone has wanted to know exactly who Liam is. We know that he will be played by Brandon W. Jones (“Pretty Little Liars”) and is from Callie’s past and she’s frightened of him. On last night’s episode, we heard Callie explain to Brandon that at one of her previous foster homes, she got close to one of the sons who then told everyone she came onto him and they got kicked out. Could this be who Liam is or could he be someone different?

We’re finally getting our first look at Liam in the preview for next week’s episode, “Saturday,” and it looks like Callie wants nothing to do with him.

In the episode, the Fosters invite Ernesto (played by Carlos Sanz) and Sofia Rivera (played by Justina Machado) to dinner, and Stef worries that they will subjugate Jesus to views that disapprove of his non-traditional family. To make matters worse, Stef’s conservative father, Frank (played by Sam McMurray), shows up and the family dinner threatens to turn into an all-out moral debate. Meanwhile, Callie attends a group therapy session for foster children and meets someone with a connection to her past – a past that will come back to haunt her.

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Wyatt holds a destructive party at his childhood home, which is under foreclosure, and Callie realizes he’s much more hurt than he lets on. Mike shows up late to take Brandon to an important audition with a renowned piano teacher.

This episode of “The Fosters” airs on Monday, July 8, at 9pm. What do you think will happen now that Liam is back in the picture?