“Teen Beach Movie” On Set: Destiny & Fate + Ross Lynch’s Giant Beach Ball Adventure


tbm-destiny-062913Check out another sneak peek of Disney Channel’s upcoming original movie “Teen Beach Movie”!

In the latest on set featurette, the stars talk about the theme of the film and the concept of destiny. In the musical, Mack & Brady (Maia Mithcell & Ross Lynch) get transported into “Wet Side Story” where they end up changing the destiny of the lead characters, Tanner & Lela (Garrett Clayton & Grace Phipps).

“The movie has a really sweet message about staying true to your heart and if you do that, then your true destiny will kind of unfold for you,” Maia shared.

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You can get a sneak peek at more of the musical numbers in the bts & a Disney Channel Australia interview with Maia below.

Also, Ross has been posting some fun videos to his Youtube of him atop a giant Teen Beach Movie beach ball roaming through various locations. Gotta love green screen magic!

“Teen Beach Movie” premieres July 19 on Disney Channel.