Demi Lovato: Behind-the-Scenes of “Made in the USA” Music Video Starring Aimee Teegarden & Dustin Milligan


demilovato-bts-062813Demi Lovato is pulling double duty in her new music video for “Made in the USA.” Not only will you see her in the video, but she also co-directed!

We get our first peek at the music video in this behind-the-scenes featurette. The feel of the music video reminds us a little of The Notebook and we love it! Demi shared that she already had a vision and treatment for the video and it was suggested to her that she direct it.

“I am co-directing this video,” she shared. “I came up with the treatment for the video, I saw the shots that I wanted to do and I told my manager…he said why don’t you just direct it since you know what you want. I’ve always wanted to direct so I was like, ok lets do it.”

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The video follows a young couple who meet at a carnival and fall in love. The music video stars Aimee Teegarden and Dustin Milligan as the young couple in love. Dustin plays a carnival worker who falls for Aimee and it is intercut with Demi performing at the carnival. It looks like the story will also find Dustin’s character sent off to war.

Watch the behind-the-scenes below.

PS, for all you Aimee fans, she will be at Comic Con this year for her new show “Star-Crossed”!