Britt Robertson & Naomi Scott in Running to Star in ‘Tomorrowland’


naomi-britt-062113The cast of Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland is beginning to take shape.

According to THR, both Britt Robertson (“The Secret Circle,” “Under the Dome”) and Naomi Scott (“Terra Nova,” “Lemonade Mouth”) are the finalists for the starring role of Casey Newton. The two will be undergoing a full hair and makeup test in Vancouver in early July, sources tell Heat Vision.

In the film, Casey Newton is a rebellious teenage girl who comes to George Clooney’s character, a disgruntled inventor, for help on a quest. In short, it centers on the teen, the inventor and the kid robot trying to save a place called Tomorrowland.

Also starring in the film are Raffey Cassidy as a kid robot, and Hugh Laurie as the movie’s antagonist.

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Britt can be seen next in “Under the Dome” which premieres June 24 on CBS.