Jake T Austin & Cierra Ramirez: “The Fosters” 1×04 “Quinceanera” Stills


thefosters-quinceanera-062013How adorable is this behind-the-scenes photo of Jake T. Austin & Cierra Ramirez from Monday’s episode of “The Fosters”?

We already shared clips from the episode but now we have some episode and behind-the-scenes photos.

In the episode, the family gathers to celebrate Mariana’s Quinceanera but tensions are high as Brandon & Callie grow closer and Talya becomes jealous. Also, Lexi and Jesus continue to sneak around and Mariana isn’t too thrilled about it.

In the previews we posted, it looked like Brandon and Callie were paired with each other for party but from the pics, it looks like things have been switched up. Why? We’ll have to wait and see. We do know from one of the previews playing on ABC Family that Brandon has feelings for Callie and doesn’t want her to date Wyatt, or anyone for that matter.

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Check out all the photos below. If you missed the clips, watch them HERE!