“The Fosters” 1×04 Sneak Peek: Brandon & Callie Practice Quinceanera Dance – Exclusive Insiders Clip


maiamitchell-thefosters-061813Could another forbidden romance be blossoming on “The Fosters”?

Ever since coming into the Foster household, there’s been a strong connection between Callie (Maia Mitchell) and Brandon (David Lambert). Brandon already has a girlfriend, Talya (Madisen Beaty), but it looks like tensions are at an all-time high as she is getting very jealous of Callie & Brandon.

We have an exclusive insiders clip from next Monday’s episode, “Quince,” which shows Brandon & Callie at dance lessons as Talya and the rest of the family look on, then join in. Talk about awkward!

In the episode, Lena wants to throw Mariana the perfect Quinces party, while Stef balks at the cost of the event. Prompted by her moms, Mariana invites Callie to be in her court and Callie awkwardly accepts. Meanwhile, Lexi tells Jesus she doesn’t want to sneak around behind Mariana’s back anymore, but they’re finding it hard to keep their hands off one another.

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Stef notices tension between Brandon and Talya over Callie and reminds Brandon that it’s against the rules for foster siblings to have romantic relationships. Brandon brushes her off, but when Talya drops her friendly act and warns Callie against getting too close to her boyfriend, it might be the last straw for him. Lena’s mother Dana (played by Lorraine Toussaint) arrives in town for the Quincea–era and the friction between mother and daughter is palpable. Mariana stumbles upon some news that could completely ruin her special day.

Check out three more clips below. Tune in Monday, June 24 at 9pm on ABC Family.