“Pretty Little Liars” Cast Gets Crazy Behind-the-Scenes: Hairspray, Slapping & Twerking


“Pretty Little Liars” is definitely a drama, but what is it like behind-the-scenes? Crazy and a lot of fun judging from the casts’ hilarious vines and keeks.

Last night the cast was busy on a night shoot and it looks like Troian Bellisario, Lucy Hale, Ryan Guzman, and Lindsey Shaw started to get a little delirious and thankfully, it was all captured on vine. There’s some slapping and hairspray involved, take a look.

Today, Ashley Benson has been keek’ing up a storm and posted some hilarious videos of Troian who even twerks in one of them. Should she have a twerk off with Miley Cyrus?

What a fun cast! We love how much fun they have on set. PS, if you haven’t checked out clips from next week’s episode, take a look here!

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