Justin Bieber Set to Appear on The Wanted’s New Album


The Wanted are back to a quintet now that Nathan Sykes has recovered from his surgery. His first performance back with the group was at the Capital FM Summertime Ball this past week and while there, the band spilled some details on their new album.

Max revealed to MTV UK that they have been working with a lot of people on the album like “Dr Luke, Rita Ora, Nasri who does a lot of Bieber’s stuff [and] Justin himself.”

He continued, “Nath’s back so yeah I think it’s gonna be our best album yet and hopefully there’ll be a couple of surprise collabs there as well.”

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Hmm, so does that mean a Justin & The Wanted collaboration? Well, they didn’t exactly spill details. Justin could show up in the writing credits, but we definitely have our fingers crossed for a collaboration. What about you?