“Good Luck Charlie” to End After Fourth Season + Crossover with “Jessie”


It looks like it’s time to say goodbye to one of our favorite familys – the Duncans.

“Good Luck Charlie” is currently filming its final season and as rumored, it will be its last. THR confirmed the news that the show will end after it wraps its current production, but don’t worry! Disney Channel is expected to continue airing this season through 2014.

“’That’s a wrap’ will be called on the production after four years with creators/executive producers Phil Baker and Drew Vaupen and executive producer Dan Staley,” Disney Channel said in a statement to THR. “The cast and crew are superb, they deserve tribute for their work and we will look forward to the big finale episode the creative team is planning.”

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In the past, the majority of Disney Channel shows air for three seasons with only a few getting a fourth season. In the past few years, it’s become more common for shows to get an additional fourth season.

GLC looks like it will go out with a bang though! THR is reporting they are currently filming a crossover episode with “Jessie” and they will attend the D23 Expo in August.

Are you sad to see “Good Luck Charlie” end?