Who’s Kissing Who? “Baby Daddy” Double Episode Wednesday Sneak Peek


What’s better than one episode of “Baby Daddy”? How about two!

ABC Family is giving you a double dose of the hit comedy and it is full of hockey, endorsement deals, parties and a kiss.

It all kicks off at 8:30pm with “The Wheeler and the Dealer.” Ben brokers an endorsement opportunity for Danny with a new brand of Japanese energy drinks. Against Bonnie’s advice, Ben convinces Danny to sign the deal, but he must pick up the pieces when things go haywire at Danny’s commercial shoot. Meanwhile, Riley takes an interest in volunteering and accepts a job as a candy striper at the hospital. She doesn’t feel like she’s really making a difference, until a friend shows up in need of a little mouth-to-mouth.

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It’s followed by “New Bonnie vs. Old Ben” at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT. Bonnie sets up her new bachelorette pad across the hall, and Ben and Tucker will do whatever it takes to force her out. They throw a huge party that threatens to damage more than Bonnie’s new apartment. Meanwhile, Danny seeks Riley’s advice on how to break up with Milena. Instead he ends up in a compromising position, which Milena mistakes as a marriage proposal. Matt Dallas (“Kyle XY”) also guest stars as Riley’s boyfriend Fitch.

Check out clips from both episodes below and be sure to tune in June 12 at 8:30pm.