Exclusive: Ian Harding Talks Ezria & Maggie + Producers Spill Season 4 Secrets at Paley Center


“Pretty Little Liars” took over the Paley Center in Beverly Hills on Monday to get fans pumped for season 4.

The new season kicks off tonight and executive producers I. Marlene King, Joseph Dougherty & Oliver Goldstick told us that fans will definitely need to be sitting down this season as many secrets will be revealed. What is one thing that we will learn this season?

“People have been formulating theories about Alison’s death since season 1. They will not be disappointed by some of the revelations this season,” Goldstick revealed.

We also chatted with Ian Harding who told us that there will be lots more of Maggie & Malcolm this season and things are very rocky for Ezria. We also had a geek out moment with him about working with Larisa Oleynik and he talks about that old Sheetz commercial.

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“Pretty Little Liars” returns to ABC Family tonight at 8pm. Get ready for one crazy season.