Darren Criss and Cameron Monaghan: THR’s Supporting Actors Photoshoot with Ariel Winter


darrencriss-cameronmonagahan-060613Check out these awesome portraits of Darren Criss and Cameron Monaghan for THR’s Emmy spotlight on supporting actors.

Darren is featured for his work in “Glee” and Cameron for “Shameless.” Another standout young star in the mix is Ariel Winter from “Modern Family.” The trio mixed and mingled with the 24 other supporting actors and dished on acting, their dream jobs and more.

“I’m not the only kid on my show, which makes things easier,” Ariel said about working on the hit ABC comedy. “But I am in the middle in terms of age, so it’s always a question of whether to hang out with the kids or the adults. I usually end up hanging out with the adults at the wrap parties, which is kind of odd sometimes.”

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Cameron added, “I tend to watch a lot of dark dramas like The Walking Dead and Dexter. Maybe Ariel [Winter] and I can guest star on something together as adolescent serial killers? That’d be fun.”

So what show does Darren want to guest star on? “I would have loved to be on Breaking Bad. I think I’d be a pretty good meth head. Or play Aaron Paul’s character. I think every young actor probably would have wanted that role.”

For more, be sure to check out the June 14 issue of The Hollywood Reporter.