Liam Hemsworth Joins Twitter and Premieres ‘Paranoia’ Trailer


paranoiaAt long last, one of our favorite Australians is finally on twitter.

Liam Hemsworth joined twitter today just in time for the release of the trailer of his new movie Paranoia. You can follow him – @LiamHemsworth.

Liam, Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman, Lucas Till, and Amber Heard star in the highly anticipated espionage thriller based on the best-selling novel by Joseph Finder.

Adam Cassidy (Hemsworth) is a recent college grad, trying to get ahead at his entry-level job at Wyatt Corporation. When the CEO (Oldman) enlists him as a company spy for his rival (Ford), Adam becomes a pawn in a corporate game bigger than he could have ever imagined. He must find a way out from under his ruthless boss who will stop at nothing to win a multi-billion dollar advantage.

Liam is working with some Hollywood heavyweights in the film, but was he intimidated? “Knowing that those guys were coming aboard is pretty frightening,” he told Yahoo! of working with Ford, Oldman & Richard Dreyfuss. “I’ve never worked with people like that before.”

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Liam’s character gets a makeover in the film and goes from wearing street clothes to suits in order to sell himself. “I don’t generally wear suits,” he said. “It was an interesting life to live … much different from anything I’ve done before. I think it makes you kind of look at the way that other people live — agents and managers and these kinds of people.”

We also get to hear Liam take on an American accent, once again, but this time it’s a Brooklyn accent. “Every American film I do I use a [dialect] coach. We run through it all. We didn’t go too heavy Brooklyn in this … We just used little bits and pieces.”

Check out the trailer which features plenty of Liam and even a few glimpses at some steamy love scenes below. PARANOIA hits theaters nationwide on August 16th!