“The Fosters” 1×02 Sneak Peek: Jesus Covers for Mariana and Romance Blossoms


thefosters-1x02-060413Jake T. Austin gets in a big fight in this still from next week’s episode of “The Fosters.”

In “Consequently,” Lena and Stef decide to let Brandon off the hook for running off with Callie to rescue Jude, but Mike disagrees and tensions flare. Brandon ends up grounded, but he makes plans to sneak away to see Talya while her parents are out of town.

Jesus stops taking his medication to cover for his twin sister and the pills she stole, but he becomes easily agitated and gets into a fight with another kid at school. When a student is discovered with the pills, Callie becomes an instant suspect, and Mariana struggles with her mounting guilt over letting someone else take the fall for her actions.

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Meanwhile, a secret romance blossoms between Jesus and Mariana’s best friend, Lexi. The Fosters make arrangements at home to ensure that Callie and Jude are more comfortable, but sharing their space may prove difficult for the Foster teens.

Tune in to an all-new episode of “The Fosters” on June 10 at 9pm right after “Switched at Birth.”