Gregg Sulkin: “This Is Me…” for Zooey Magazine


greggsulkin-zooey-060413Gregg Sulkin keeps it casual while leaning against a tree in this great new show by Vince Trupsin for Zooey Magazine.

Gregg is featured in the mag’s “This Is Me” section where he opens up about acting and his recent 21st birthday.

So being both a Film and TV actor, which type of work do you prefer, or maybe enjoy more? I think I enjoy both. TV you’re maybe shooting an episode in seven to 10 days, and the turnaround is very quick because you may see that same episode maybe two months later. Whereas for film, you’re away for maybe three or four months, and it comes out a year and a half later. The hours depending on if you’re doing a sitcom, are very easy, which you know, if you have a family is amazing because you get to have a life as well as going to work. But then obviously if you work on a movie or 1 hour drama, you’re doing 13 hour days, so {laughs} it’s a lot of work. But at the end of the day, I don’t think I’ve ever been to set and thought that I was working. If someone said to me that for the rest of your life you’ll never have a day off, and you’ll be working forever, I’d take it in a heartbeat.

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Have you ever thought about the perfect role you’d like to play? Yeah, there’s a few. James Bond, Spiderman—those two I’d love to play.

Why those characters specifically? Why? {laughs} Because I think it’s every guys dream to hold guns…Not saying that we should hold guns on a daily basis!—but to be a badass, and you know, just beat up the bad guys. And obviously, Bond always has a really good looking woman on his arm. You wouldn’t have to pull my leg to get me to play that one.

You just turned 21! What were your plans? Yeah, I threw a birthday celebration with some of my closest friends, so it’s [was] a lot of fun. And it’s really nice because I’ve been [in the U.S.] for 3 ½ years, and I’m [thankful for] a lot of people there because they’ve helped my experience in America become so amazing. So I’m glad that they [came]. {Smirks} And then I’m going to do the 21, typical Las Vegas trip, which I’m very excited about. But yeah, my brother, and my best friend who is a footballer back in London are coming out too. So I’m really excited, but I can’t believe I’m turning 21, it’s scary.

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