Selena Gomez Unveils ‘Stars Dance’ Album Art, Releases “Slow Down” Audio and More During Live Chat


selenagomez-starsdance-060313Selena Gomez helped kick off the week in a big way – with a live chat!

The 20-year-old held a live chat today where she made some big announcements. She not only revealed the artwork for her album Stars Dance and it will be out July 23, but she also opened up about a few of the songs and you can now listen to the audio for her next single, “Slow Down,” below.

Check out some highlights from Selena’s live chat:

On naming the album Stars Dance: The reason I decided to name it that was, I worked with a producing team called Rock Mafia. They basically have grown up with me through all of the records and music I’ve made. They’ve watched me grow up, experience life, fall in love, make new friends. They know me, the song specifically is for me and I think it describes me pretty well so I named the album that as well.

On her favorite love song on the album: There’s a song on the album called “Forget Forever.” It’s a really beautiful song. It has meaning behind it and it was a really special time in the studio. I got to be with the writers and just enjoy being in that moment. That was a really fun emotional song for me to sing but then I just kind of wanted to dance after I released it because it felt like I got to release this feeling that I had and it’s a beautiful song. It’s going to be one of my anthems that I can’t wait to perform on tour.

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On the Stars Dance tour: This tour I wanted to tell a story. This is going to be really fun. Because of every single song on this record, which by the way, I will be performing every single song on this record on stage, which I’ve never done before. But that’s how much I’m passionate about this record and love these songs I’ve recorded. Because you’ll get to notice the different sounds and hopefully enjoy that they are a little different, I want to tell a story because of that. I’m going to have moments and segments in the show. There’s going to be a lot of fun video content in the show and a lot more choreography.

Selena’s album is out July 23 and you can pre-order it tonight at midnight here. You’ll get a download of “Slow Down” if you pre-order. Watch the live chat below.

Stars Dance Tracklisting

1. “Birthday”
2. “Stars Dance”
3. “Champion”
4. “Come & Get It”
5. “Forget Forever”
6. “Save the Day”
7. “BEAT”
8. “Write Your Name”
9. “Undercover”
10. “Love Will Remember”
11. “Slow Down”
12. “Get Away”