Garrett Clayton Talks “Teen Beach Movie” in Glamoholic Magazine


garrettclayton-glamoholic-051913Garrett Clayton strikes a pose for his feature in the May issue of Glamoholic Magazine.

If you’re not familiar with Garrett yet, we have a feeling you will be soon! The young Zac Efron-esque hottie stars in the upcoming Disney Channel movie “Teen Beach Movie” and he chatted with the mag all about it.

On how he got the part of Tanner in “Teen Beach Movie”: Well, I auditioned like everyone else. Originally I auditioned for Brady actually. But, I think they saw some qualities of Tanner’s character in what I brought to the table while auditioning for the role of Brady. So, they asked me to come and read again for the role of Tanner.

On the style filming a 60’s set movie: Oh, it was so much fun! I got to wear those crazy swim suits. The swimsuits back then were really short so it was weird for me to experience wearing those. There were also these really cool towel-like button-down shirts. The cast experienced stuff that you normally wouldn’t get to in today’s world.

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On if he feels there will be competition with Ross Lynch once the movie is out: I don’t think there is going to be any competition necessarily. I feel like we’re very different people with very different looks and characters. If anything, we want to support each other and help each other pursue our dreams even more. Ross is amazing with his singing and acting. He’s such a great friend and I couldn’t imagine him thinking any different for me. Anytime we see each other it’s like “How are you?” “What are you working on?” “How is your family?” because our families know each other and we’re all so close.

On working on his own music: I recently performed for charity. Music wise, I have some demos for myself and for my representation to hear. If I ever crossed that bridge I would definitely want to explore the type of music I feel most connected to. That will definitely come in time.

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