Miley Cyrus Announces New Single “We Can’t Stop”


mileycyrus-wecantstop-051613Miley Cyrus keeps teasing a big announcement coming at the Billboard Music Awards this Sunday and now we know part of the news!

Miley took to twitter to announce that her new single title. “Cats outta the bag! LETS TREND MY 1st SINGLE #wecantstop,” she wrote. Immediately after writing the name of the single, it trended worldwide.

Miley then added, “Big announcement about #wecantstop coming @billboard.” She also asked fans where she should perform the single first. Should it be on a show like “The Voice”? Or maybe a talk show?

What do you think Miley’s big announcement will be? Will it be a performance announcement? Maybe an album title or release date? We can’t wait to find out and we can’t wait to hear “We Can’t Stop”!

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