Tris Faces More Initiation Tests in New ‘Divergent’ Still


shailenewoodley-divergent-051513Shailene Woodley prepares to jump of a building in this new still from Divergent.

Entertainment Weekly released the photo which shows Shailene as Tris high up on the ledge of a building with her peers surrounding her.

She is perched to jump as part of initiation into her faction. In the dystopian world of Divergent, all of society is divided into five factions: Abnegation (selfless); Erudite (intelligent); Candor (honest); Amity (peaceful) and Dauntless (brave). Sixteen-year-old Tris Prior, has chosen the Dauntless faction which involves some intense initiation tests.

“In this photo she’s already jumped off the train and onto a seven story building as part of the initiation rite for the Dauntless,” explains director Neil Burger. “The next thing they have to do is jump from the building and down through a courtyard that has a deep, black hole. It’s terrifying.”

“We’d been nervously planning it because it is dangerous and there’s a lot of people on that roof,” says Burger, who used the former Spiegel building for this location. “We had to pull it off safely and also pull it off cinematically, so you have this knot in your stomach as you watch this young woman decide to do this crazy thing. We had great weather that day and I think this scene really is emblematic of the movie: It shows the energy and the rawness of the way we’re telling the story,” he says.

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The movie involves a lot of crazy stunts and it looks like Shailene might just be as brave as her character. “Shailene says she’s not afraid of heights but that she’s afraid of falling,” says Burger, with a laugh. “This makes perfect sense to me. But she really did stand on that ledge—this is a real photo. She’s incredibly game and so adventurous,” he says. “In a way, she’s very Dauntless.”

We love this photo and we can’t wait for more! The movie is currently filming in Chicago in preparation for a March 21, 2014 release date.

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