Exclusive: Ryan Newman Dishes on “See Dad Run” and “Big Time Rush” Guest Appearance


ryannewmanint“See Dad Run” is back with an all new episode this Sunday and it’s all about moms!

In “See Dad See Through Grandman,” David’s (Scott Baio) special Mother’s Day plans for Amy get derailed when his self-centered mom shows up. Michelle Lee guest stars as David’s mom and we had the chance to chat with Ryan Newman, who plays Emily, all about the episode and even her upcoming guest spot on “Big Time Rush.”

What was your favorite memory from filming the episode airing this weekend? Working with Michelle Lee was incredible! She is so sweet and talented. I was so honored to work with such an accomplished actress.

We love that it’s a mother’s day episode on mother’s day! What is the best advice your mom has ever given you? My mom has always told me since I was a little girl how important it is to give back and to help other people. That has always stuck with me. It is so important to me to spread awareness about causes that I believe in and to help others through being in the industry that I am in. I love being able to make a child in a hospital smile and forget about their problems for a few minutes. That is really the best feeling in the world and it was my amazing mom who introduced me to that.

What is your favorite thing about working with your TV mom Alanna Ubach? Alanna is really fantastic! She is insanely funny and kind. She acts like my best friend or my sister. There’s nothing I don’t love about working with her!

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Now that season 1 has come to a close, what was your favorite episode of the season? “See Dad Campaign” was probably my favorite episode of season 1. I got to run for class president and sing a duet with James Maslow!

The show has been picked up for a second season, what would you like to see happen with Emily? I would love for everyone to get to know Emily a bit more and get to see her transition into a young adult. She’s growing up and getting more responsibility so I’m excited to get to portray that and for everyone to get to watch her grow up.

Any summer plans? Filming season two of See Dad Run, working on my music, and getting to spend time with friends and family

You have had James Maslow on “See Dad Run” and we saw that you recently filmed the season finale of “Big Time Rush.” We know you can’t really give anything away, but what was it like working with BTR? It was a great experience! The boys are so sweet and down to earth and the director is one of my favorite people. It was so nice to be on their set since James was on See Dad Run twice.

What is your dream project? I really love film! My dream project would either be a really dramatic, intense movie or a romance like a Nicholas Sparks type of film.

Any plans for more music related projects? I am actually working on music right now! I’m in the process of figuring out who I want to be as an artist and finding my sound so I’m having fun with that and looking forward to proceeding with my music career.

What is your message to your fans? I hope you guys are enjoying See Dad Run and thank you for being so amazing and supportive because I would be nowhere without you!

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