“Ravenswood” Adds Three to Cast: Merritt Patterson, Brett Dier and Elizabeth Whitson


merritt-ravenswood-050813The cast of ABC Family’s highly anticipated new show “Ravenswood” is beginning to fill out!

With Tyler Blackburn trading in Rosewood for Ravenswood come this October’s “Pretty Little Liars” Halloween episode, who will be his new pals? The Hollywood Reporter has revealed revealed three names set to pop up in the new town.

Brett Dier (“The L.A. Complex”) and model Elizabeth Whitson will be playing twins Abel and Olivia. Abel is described as a lone wolf and old soul with a brooding intensity. There’s something dangerous lurking inside him – or he could be wounded and covering. His trust is hard won, but once you’re in his inner circle, he’ll never let you down.

Olivia is Abel’s twin sister and a former prom queen who has fallen from grace. She’s learning who her real friends are after most everyone in her inner circle turns their backs on her. Recent events have left the once carefree and effortlessly happy Olivia questioning what’s important.

Joining them will be Merritt Patterson, who you might recognize from “16 Wishes” with Debby Ryan. She will be playing Tess, Olivia’s (Elizabeth Whitson) former best friend who is not involved with the curse.

“Ravenswood” centers on a town not far from Rosewood, Pa., that has suffered for generations under a deadly curse. Five strangers find themselves connected by the fatal curse and are charged with investigating the town’s mysterious and terrible history before it’s too late for everyone.

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So why exactly was Caleb chosen? I. Marlene King chatted with ET Online saying “In terms of the mythology of Ravenswood, there is a reason his character was chosen. Caleb has an ambiguous past. He doesn’t know as much about where he comes from compared to the other [characters] and we’re going to use that as we unfold the Ravenswood story.”

So what about Haleb? “I was so sad,” Ashley Benson said of hearing the news Tyler was leaving. “This is the thing, I’m so happy for Tyler, he deserves it so much, but he’s like my other half! He’s just amazing. When the day comes to shoot his last scene, I’m not going to be able to do it. I mean, I don’t want to give him away to these other people. But, I talked to Marlene about [how Caleb will be written off PLL] and I’m excited for people to see that because I’m pretty happy with how she told me their story would end.”

We can’t wait to see who else will be joining the cast! We also hear some of your favorite PLL characters like Toby & Spencer might be taking a trip to the new town for a guest appearance. We definitely hope there are more crossovers!