Darren Criss Romances Kristen Wiig in ‘Girl Most Likely’ Trailer + New Album Talk


darrencriss-girlmostlikely=050313Darren Criss channels his inner Backstreet Boys in the new trailer for Girl Most Likely.

The movie also stars Kristen Wiig, Annette Bening and Matt Dillon and is about Imogene, playwright who once seemed destined for great things who finds herself in the midst of a breakdown. When her harebrained mother (Annette Bening) comes to the hospital and reluctantly assumes custody of her as she recovers.

Darren is also getting ready to head out on his SOLD OUT Listen Up tour which means new music is on the way! The “Glee” star recently chatted with MTV News about releasing music, his first since the Human EP in 2010.

“So I really have been putting that in high gear and I have been working for the past three years seriously on making that album, and it’s tough ’cause I come from so many different worlds,” he explained to MTV News. “I could make that very niche pretentious, Wall of Sound, Rufus Wainwright, Animal Collective fusion record, which I will make someday maybe, but it won’t sell ’cause nobody will like it except me. I could do that, but as an artist everyone has a responsibility when they’re on a public landscape to cast the widest net and find the in-between.”

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He continued, “I try and stray away from cliches as much as humanly possible and not to say cliches are bad… but basically there are certain things you hear over and over in the radio, certain lines and certain sounds that are unavoidable because they’re catchy,” Criss added. “And I’m really trying my best to have it sound like something where people say that sounds like Darren. It needs to be specific to me. That’s a really important thing to do as an artist and it’s not easy. I don’t think I’m going to accomplish it.”

We can’t wait for new music for Darren and his latest movie!