Joe Jonas Explains “Pom Poms” and JoBros Reveal Their Favorite Songs From New Album (Video)


jonasbrothers-nyc-041213The Jonas Brothers had a busy week in NYC promoting their new single “Pom Poms” and stopped by 92.3 NOW for a fun chat.

The trio chatted about the second season of “Married to Jonas,” the tour and more. “We’ve always been about the live show and creating a really good live experience for our fans,” Nick said. “We’re going to put a lot of effort into making this our best show yet and really using it to show them what this new sound is all about from us and what this next chapter is all about.”

Nick also revealed they have a title for the album but they haven’t released it yet. “It’s cool, it’s simple and to the point and gives people an idea of what this is all about.” We can expect the album later this year, most likely AFTER the tour but fans will be able to get familiar with the new songs if they check out the live show.

When asked about their favorite songs on the upcoming album, Nick said “‘Sandbox.’ It talks about growth and stepping into that situation where you’re in adult relationships and that loss of innocence. Going back to finding your heart that you lost in the sandbox. It’s ind of a line that’s pretty deep and a personal song. We’re in a place now where we like to keep certain things private as far as what we say in interviews and other things but our music is our way to share where we’re at in our lives.”

Kevin’s favorite song is “The World” which he says is a “great” song. Joe’s favorite is “First Time” and “The World.”

Joe also called into On Air with Ryan Seacrest to talk about the meaning of “Pom Poms.” “There is a lot of nicknames for pom poms…headlights, some of which I could get in trouble for saying on national air. I think it’s self explanatory what pom poms means,” Joe said. When asked about what type of “pom poms” he likes, he said, “I would have to go with real, but I don’t discriminate…everybody loves everybody, and there is room for love. There is actually a statistic of where the most real and fake pom poms are in the world.”

We cannot wait to hear the new songs. Check out the full interviews below!

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