Joe Jonas Responds to Fan’s Dance Invite with Hilarious Video and Proposal (Video)


joejonas-fan-041113There have been lots of stories where fans have made videos inviting their favorite celebrities to prom, military balls (ie Mila Kunis), etc and some have accepted and some have not, but no one could made a better response to one of these videos than Joe Jonas.

Shaina Kohli is a senior at Pepperdine and decided to cross something off her bucket list – ask Joe Jonas to her last formal on April 13. She made a cute video getting people all around campus telling Joe why he should go to her dance this weekend. She even made a hashtag for the video – #BucketList.

Joe saw the video and decided to make his own response which is HILARIOUS and also super sweet. In his ever charming and comedic way, Joe tells Shaina he can’t make it but he wants to fly her out for the opening night of the Jonas Brothers’ Live Tour in Chicago. He made up his own hashtag too – #justgowithhim.

But the amazingness doesn’t stop there! Shaina was in the crowd at the Today Show this morning where she got the surprise of her life from a man in disguise who happened to be none other than Joe!

Such a sweet story. Watch it all unfold below!