Watch Demi Lovato’s “Heart Attack” Music Video!


demilovato-heartattack-040913Demi Lovato’s music video for “Heart Attack” has finally premiered and you can watch it below!

The video shows off the 20-year-old in a few different looks including a simple white shirt with her hair pulled back and two sexier black outfits. As the video progresses, Demi slowly gets covered in oil. Compared to most of Demi’s past videos, this one is kept pretty simple.

“I think for fans or friends or anybody who’s afraid to fall in love, I’d rather live my life with my arms open than closed off the entire time,” Demi told E! News in an interview that accompanied the music video premiere.

“I like to get my hopes up and if something disappoints me—oh, well! You know what I mean, it’s life and at least I’m able to feel that emotion,” she continued. “I’m thankful I can even cry! Some people can’t even cry, so you just have to be able to take that risk and it all depends on the person you wanna fall in love with.”

What do you think of the “Heart Attack” music video? Click inside for Demi’s E! interview.