“Married to Jonas” Season 2 Kicks Off April 21!


marriedtojonas-season2-040913The Jonas Brothers are back with a hot new single and now a second season of “Married to Jonas” is almost here!

“Married to Jonas” returns with an all-new season at 10:30pm on April 21 on E! This season, the phrase “one big happy family” is put to the test when challenges, triumphs, family celebrations, pressures and drama reveal themselves as Kevin and Danielle, begin to really settle into their lives together, while attempting to accommodate the needs of their very close – and very different – families.

The Jonas Brothers are fired up with new music and a pending world tour, while new challenges at home, the desire (and pressure from their families) to have a baby, and their very different in-laws, put Kevin and Danielle’s marriage to the test. One thing is for sure; Danielle and Kevin, along with his famous siblings Nick and Joe and the couple’s extended families, are in for some personal and professional ups and downs this season.

We can’t wait to see it all unfold! What are you most excited for with season 2 of “Married to Jonas”?