Taylor Swift Has A “Heart to Heart” in “Wonderland” Magazine


taylorswift-wonderland-040813Taylor Swift throws up a hand heart on the cover of the UK’s Wonderland Magazine.

The 23-year-old covers the April/May 2013 issue and opens up about heartbreak, happiness and more. Check out some quotes via JJJ below.

On getting your heart broken: “It’s very complex; you’re never feeling just sad. Maybe you wake up and you feel sad, and then you get angry, and then you feel like ‘I’m fine’, and then you feel confident, and then you feel a sense of doubt, and then you’re insecure, and then there’s jealousy, and then you’re back to sad – and then you feel fine again.”

On relationships: “Relationships are like traffic lights. And I just have this theory that I can only exist in a relationship if it’s a green light.”

On happiness: “I just try to live a life. That’s the main goal: being able to be happy – not to be happy, I mean, to be content. You know, I’m content in the uncertainty of life in your 20s. You have curveballs thrown at you constantly, you don’t really know what you think about anything, you don’t necessarily know what your permanent beliefs are – everything’s up in the air. But, I kind of like it. It’s exciting.”

On her lucky number 13: “I’ve had [the number 13] bombard me at certain times when I’ve had the best night and the worst night at the same time. Maybe I won a great award but I got really criticized for my performance or something. But then I wrote a song about that performance and won two Grammy’s for it the next year. [It means that] things are lining up the way they’re supposed to be.”

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