Demi Lovato Releases Second Teaser for “Heart Attack” Music Video


demilovato-teaser2-040713Demi Lovato is looking fiercer than ever in this new teaser for her “Heart Attack” music video.

The second teaser shows the 20-year-old close-up in a black leather jacket and heavy eye makeup giving some intense looks into the camera.

We love the song but did you know that Demi wasn’t the first singer attached to it? Producer Jason Evigan told MTV News the song was originally meant for singer Nikki Williams then “American Idol” alum Pia Toscana was interested in it. The song ended up on the shelf until Demi came along.

“A lot of people wanted the song. And then Demi came in to do another song called ‘Two Pieces’ and then we played her ‘Heart Attack’ and she freaked out about it. So she came in to record it and then she actually had a couple of lyric changes that were really good. She added that super high note at the end and she added some really cool things to it and she brought that song to life. Now it’s taking off.”

Evigan also sang Demi’s praises saying, “She’s one who is so not about just trying to be what’s on radio. She’s a total original soul, she just wants to make what moves her,” he said. “And if it moves her she loves it. She’s all about if the song moves her. She’s all about going harder, which is cool.”

Don’t forget that the “Heart Attack” music video will premiere April 9 on E! and you can pre-order Demi here.