Debby Ryan: NKD Magazine Cover Girl


debbyryank-nkdmag-040113Debby Ryan hangs out on a rooftop for the cover of the April 2013 issue of NKD Magazine.

The 19-year-old was photographed by Catherine Powell in Los Angeles for the beautiful spread and sat down for a very real and revealing interview with Powell.

Debby tweeted out, “Probably my most revealing interview about music, the end of Suite Life, + all of my beginnings.” Even though Debby is technically still a teenager, she’s already lived a life full of adventure and challenges and this is definitely an interview you want to check out.

On being passionate about her craft: If I believe in something, I want to be involved in every aspect of it. I think passion is something that’s so rare in my generation that if I get a chance to do what I love, I’m going to make it represent me and who I am. I’ve been on sets where I’ve been told to cry a different way but I was hired to bring my emotion and my way of doing things to a character, so it’s difficult.

On her music: If the name Debby Ryan was on a Disney show but not on a record, tons of 12-year-olds wouldn’t buy it but the fact that the name Debby Ryan is going to be on a record makes me think that tons of 20-year-olds are not going to buy it because I’m on a Disney show…The Nick [Santino]s, The Josh [Montgomery]s, those are the people that make this less scary. You have to be able to fight everything natural about yourself, but you also have to be so in touch with it that it almost hurts to not release music. It’s like when you’re in the middle of the supermar- ket, and you hate Katy Perry, but her song comes on and all of a sudden you’re dancing with the Cool Whip in aisle 14. That’s music…

…I’m not signed, so I don’t feel pressure from anyone other than myself … which is the worst kind of pressure. It’s going to sound like Irish pirates singing drunken songs in a saloon, right outside of a carnival. If April Smith, Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers, The Hush Sound, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Jimi Hendrix and Tom Petty all had a musical baby … with mouse ears.

On her career goals: I have no plans for my music career because it’s not a career. I’m doing it because I need to do it. Some people go on a run, and some people go to a therapist, and this is just cheaper than therapy. I don’t think as long as I live I’ll ever run out of stories to tell.

Be sure to pick up the April issue of NKD Magazine HERE to read Debby’s full interview! We definitely recommend it. One of her best and most honest interviews!

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