Jonas Brothers’ “Pom Poms” Single and Music Video Coming April 2! Watch a Sneak Peek (Video)


It looks like we’ll be able to get our hands on the Jonas Brothers’ new single “Pom Poms” sooner than we though!

We posted a preview of the song over the weekend with an April 9 release date, but it now looks like the single AND music video will both be released on April 2! It looks like JB will giving us sneak peeks leading up to the premiere on E! and you can watch your first one below. They will also premiere the song at 7am PST on On Air with Ryan Seacrest.

We’re only a week away and we can’t wait! Are you excited? Click inside to read Joe’s interview with Parade magazine about the album & returning as an Acuvue 1-Day mentor.

On the Jonas Brothers new album (no release date yet!).
“My brothers and I have been working on an album for the last about seven, eight months now and we have just finished. I’m really excited about sharing with the fans and keeping it under lock and key until that time comes up, and it’s been a very exciting process. Nick’s been producing all the music so we really have been the chefs in the kitchen with our project.”

On what the album will sound like.
“I like when people are able to come up with their own personal feelings on it. But what I can say is we used some brass in the music. We’ve been able to incorporate a lot more instruments, and even Nick, used some of the electronic drums and what his computer can do. It’s pretty phenomenal.”

On what other artists inspired the new album.
“A lot of old school music—not only blues, but soul music and also some dance music that we were listening to. On top of that, there are artists like Bruno Mars and a couple others that are really using a lot of instruments in their live music that they incorporate with the album. That’s what we’ve been trying to do.”

On how life has changed since the Jonas Brothers’ last album.
“I would say quite a lot! I mean, going from living in the same bedroom as three other brothers and working every day, to now being able to pick and choose opportunities, and I still get to do my music. I think my favorite piece now is that we have our own label and we have all of our rights to our music. We’re also able to create tours ourselves, from packaging a record to [deciding] what [the tour] looks like on a stage. Putting that all together has been a really exciting process.”

On the difference between international fans and American fans.
“International fans, I think because there’s a language barrier, are very physical and loud. So it’s exciting, but can be nerve-wracking sometimes. It’s a thrill to be able to have opportunities to go to these different cities and places that sometimes you can’t pronounce, and fans are singing the words to all your songs. It’s an overwhelming experience.”

On which he prefers: performing solo or with his brothers.
“I prefer being back with my brothers. I’ve learned over time that you really rely on them. When I did the solo project, it was a learning experience because I realized how much pressure you put on yourself, whether it is a live performance or even a recording or interviews. You get tired. When you have your brothers there, you’re not answering every question by yourself or you’re not performing every song by yourself, and that’s a great thing to able to experience, and also a learning tool.”

On whether he’ll go solo again.
“Maybe eventually, but as of right now, my priority is the band.”

On how Married to Jonas has changed the brothers’ dynamic.
“[While filming,] you’re always thinking about the fact that there’s a camera in your face, but I think it’s one of those things where you just be yourself. It is a little bit different because it’s the first time in our lives where we don’t have the opportunity to edit or say “let’s cut this,” like when we’ve done filming before. So now, actually having an official reality show is a little bit intense when it’s in somebody else’s hands. But at the same time, it’s a great way for the fans to also be able to see our music and how we’re a family.”

On what goals he still wants to achieve.
“I would love to be able to do more acting and even build my charity a bit more so I can reach more people. It would be an incredible opportunity to be nominated again for a Grammy and potentially win one.”