Zac Efron Hangs with Kobe Bryant – Could Zac Win a Rap Battle?


zacefron-hublot-032113Zac Efron suited up and showed his Lakers pride on Wednesday evening by attendeding the celebration of Hublot’s new brand ambassador Kobe Bryant and it looks like he had a blast!

We all know that Zac can play basketball and sing and dance, but did you know he could rap? Well, according to Rebel Wilson he could win a rap battle!

The duo met last year and have become buddies and Rebel spilled to Buzzfeed, “Yeah, like, we have each other’s numbers! But he’s busy — he’s about to do a movie called Townies with Seth Rogen. And he’s such a cool dude. Something people might not know about him is he’s a really good freestyle rapper. Like, really good. Like, he could go in and battle.”

So would the two ever do a rap single together? “Yeah, that would be friggen sweet,” Rebel said. “I remember when I met him, we were both guests on The Ellen Show and then I was rapping on that show and he kind of knew I could rap, and then he wanted to show me his rap skills — and he’s, like, really good. Like, I’m not exaggerating. He must practice.”

Dear Zac, can we please hear you rap ASAP? Thanks!

Click inside for more pics of Zac at the Hublot celebration…

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