Taylor Swift Talks Songwriting Behind-the-Scenes of Diet Coke Commercial


taylorswift-dietcoke-031013Taylor Swift is the new spokesperson for Diet Coke and you can get a sneak peek at her new commercial below!

In a behind-the-scenes interview, Taylor opened up about her songwriting. “I think for me, I’ve always written songs from the same place,” she explains. “I started writing when I was 12 and I just wrote songs about my life the way that I saw it. That somehow made my life make more sense to me. Going from 12 to writing songs about my life to being 23 now and writing songs about my life, a lot has changed about my life but the reason I write songs about my life is the same.”

Taylor will also be bringing Diet Coke along with her on her upcoming Red tour, so what can fans expect? “I think one of my favorite things about the RED tour is that one of the main focuses I had was incorporating the element of surprise, and incorporating the unexpected. I really like to think that a good concert can be like a good book; it can take you away, it can take you to a different place and help you escape, and I think that’s the main goal for me – helping the fans to escape, if only just for one night.”

On March 13, Taylor will debut a video series featuring lots of behind-the-scenes content of her tour, music videos and more on Diet Coke’s Facebook page. Taylor’s new Music That Moves spot is scheduled to debut in April.