Keegan Allen ‘Bukowski’ On Set Pics with James Franco


keeganallen-bukowski-031013While we’re not quite sure yet if Toby is actually dead on “Pretty Little Liars,” we do know that Keegan Allen is busy working on a new project.

Keegan is filming Bukowski which is directed by James Franco and he’s been Instagram’ing up a storm. Keegan will play Jimmy Haddox in the film.

Bukowski focuses on poet/novelist Henry Charles Bukowski’s early years, from the age of 6 to 17, and his struggles to cope with his brutal and bullying father, the disfiguring acne that made him a teen recluse, his alcoholism and his first tentative efforts to transcend his surroundings through writing.

The movie also stars Tim Blake Nelson, Josh Peck and Jacob Loeb.

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